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Learn from the best

Learning to Dive: Open Water Certification

Learn the basics for safe, fun Scuba Diving. Hands on and in the water the first day!!






2020 Spring Session schedule- all pool sessions are from 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays

Sunday, February 23rd @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, March 15th @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, March 22nd @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, March 29th @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, April 5th @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, April 19th @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, April 26th @ Woodward Academy Pool

Sunday, May 3rd @ Woodward Academy Pool



**Three pool sessions are required. Please let us know if there are any questions or you would like to discuss other scheduling options.









**More detail coming soon

  1. 3 Pool Sessions
  2. 2 Classroom Sessions
  3. 6 Check Out Dives

**Check out dives are not included in the Training cost. Please contact us if you have any questions.


These schedules are subject to change. Changes may be made do to time constraint or students ability. Speak to your Instructor about any changes.




Class Application

Medical Statement

**If you answer yes to any of the questions listed on the front page of the Medical Statement, you are required to get a physician’s signature stating you are okay to participate in scuba.


Expanding Horizons: Advanced Open Water Certification

Now that you have some dives under your weight belt, lets see what else we can do!

*More detail coming

*More detail coming

*More detail to come

Digging Deeper: Specialty Cards

Specialty certifications allow divers to expand their knowledge and experience in the sport.

**Details to come

**Details to come